Content Strategy & Development

With the rise of marketing automation and powerful Content Management Systems (CMS), now more than ever, online content plays a critical role in sales nurturing and assistance. In fact, research by the Harvard Business Review shows that 70% of people would prefer to learn about products through content than traditional advertising. Expert content strategy combined with optimized content has become a critical element in the sales cycle.

The Elements of Content Strategy and Development

A well-designed content strategy and content development plan is designed to create more indexed links to drive organic search traffic and leads while strengthening current customer relationships by addressing their individual needs.

To start, a benchmark is needed. We begin with a content inventory to identify and document all content that lives on your digital properties. This provides a clear landscape of the depth and breadth of the project as well as helps us identify opportunities for creating content development efficiencies. Then, we perform a qualitative content audit and gap analysis that we round out with quantitative website data and insights to determine what content is performing well and what content needs to be optimized or augmented.

Next, we put our findings into action.

Once the content audit and gap analysis report has been presented, our content strategy team maps business and user goals to content strategies to enhance the overall brand and user experiences of your website visitors. Using content modeling, web analytics, and SEO (search engine optimization) research we create a content strategy designed to prioritize and focus content development efforts on areas that will drive the greatest returns. For organizations seeking ongoing content marketing support, we develop content calendars that will continue to fuel the content engine.

We identify and prioritize a targeted set of SEO keywords for each page on the website and use this to develop optimized metadata and on-page copy designed to capture the highest search rankings and generate the most leads. Next, we create a content matrix to document and track the key elements of each new page and module on the site, providing a source of truth for client partners and cross-functional team members as we move through the site development. Finally, we recommend a plan for website governance, content optimization and ongoing support of the website.

Content Strategy Organic Search Ranking

Developing quality content is key to setting your brand apart from the competition, but creating this content can be daunting. Whether it’s content development as part of a new website design, a time-boxed content marketing deliverable, or ongoing content marketing and maintenance, our team of expert content developers removes the burden of producing or reframing a high volume of content and allows your team to focus on your core business. From storytelling across a campaign of articles, infographics, emails and social media posts to a full overhaul of your website content, our team of copywriters, editors and strategists are ready to help.