Charles Schwab Case Study

Converting prospects is all in the approach

Applying a data-driven approach to solution design, we created enthusiastically received customer experiences for Charles Schwab’s community of investment advisors.

Extractable has been partnering with Charles Schwab for over nine years, working in close collaboration with various teams in marketing, sales, product, and IT.  Along the way, we’ve developed numerous award-winning customer experience solutions, and have been featured on Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show.

Recently, Schwab was looking for a strategic collaborator to transform their Advisor Services offering into a state-of-the-art, customizable experience. We were delighted to be asked to bring this vision to life.

Charles Schwab case study mockup

Our work focused on solutions for investment advisors who require powerful tools from Schwab in order to best serve their clients. Our first step was to conduct research on the investment advisor community’s ethnographic and demographic attributes. This enabled us to gather data from investor panels, surveys, behavioral and web analytics, and third-party data sources.

Informed by what we learned, we were able to make data-driven decisions on navigation, content strategy, and design. The result was a comprehensive system built to thoughtfully engage investment advisors in a highly targeted way, and drive them to adopt and use the platform. As part of the process, we also re-imagined the visual design to clearly reflect Schwab’s core values and allow content to tell the brand story.

We were pleased to see the new Advisor Services platform live on the Schwab website in early 2018, and are currently in the process of extending this new design and messaging approach across other Schwab experiences.

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