GECU Case Study

Driving traffic through visual storytelling.

For over 80 years GECU (Greater El Paso Credit Union) has been helping people with their financial goals. Today GECU is the largest socially owned financial institution in El Paso with more than 300,000 members, 12 branches, and over $1.9 billion in assets.

GECU wanted to meet the community and members’ growing needs while providing an updated digital experience that would cater to today’s digital world. As a leader in their market, GECU’s existing site didn’t stand up well against the competition. A new experience and a look that reflected their position within the market were needed. It was also imperative to meeting key business goals, such as increasing the number of mortgage applications.

Given GECU’s rich history and scale within the community, Extractable saw an opportunity to creatively celebrate their key assets: El Paso and its people. Using photography of real GECU members and employees along with iconic El Paso settings, we created a compelling new brand treatment. Each image was carefully crafted so that it could be both the hero content and the background of the new website across all screen sizes. The photography, coupled with a new design and user experience strategy, yielded a new digital platform that is both efficient and emotive. Localizing and personalizing the content also proved positive for SEO purposes, with an increase of more than 100% in unbranded SEO traffic.

Accessed from a PC, laptop, mobile device or tablet, now embraces easy navigation and creative design for its members. Also, for the first time, GECU now offers the website in Spanish for members more comfortable communicating and managing their finances in Spanish. This enhanced accessibility across the board led to an increase in product views of more than 45%.

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