Central to content strategy and development at Extractable is storytelling, and our hero is your brand. The very act of storytelling is in our evolutionary DNA—it’s part of our survival as a species, a way to convey critical information in relatable and memorable ways.

From allegories to campfire tales, storytelling is fundamental to how we learn, how we relate to one another, and how we communicate lessons and histories. Using the power of storytelling in the content we deliver makes even the most complicated and technical of information relevant, human, and most importantly, memorable—increasing brand affinity and bringing your clients back to your digital experiences again and again.

The Elements of Storytelling

Understanding your audience, what they likely already know, and what they need or want to know is key to determining the content, the language, and the tone of whatever story you’re telling. Luckily, unlike many other mediums, digital is data-rich and can provide many insights into what your audience is seeking.

In addition to data inquiries, we can better develop stories by conducting primary research, including custom surveys and in-person interviews with customers and stakeholders (as many as we can get our hands on). This enables us to develop detailed, data-fueled, and actionable personas from which to tailor your story to your desired audiences—so you can be focused and inspirational.

No matter the nature of the service, topic, or set of products that you sell—if you’re in business, then there is a human story to be told. Our specialty is finding it. Whether you are a bank seeking to sell mortgage products to a first-time home buyer to a Fortune 500 software company selling a multi-million dollar online banking platform, the language you use in storytelling must be natural to your audience. Not only does this make it easier for your content to be searched and found, but it also makes it more relatable and emotionally engaging.

In traditional storytelling, there is a beginning, middle, and an end—a hero and a quest. But, the power digital injects into storytelling is the ability to go a step beyond that and tailor the story to each user. Through personalization and a powerful content strategy, your customer’s choices will guide them to the best story points for their individual quests—characters and themes may remain the same, but your content will remain fresh, up to date, and engaging, long after their first visit.