Because every digital experience we design at Extractable starts with the user, personalization is a key component to the sites we deliver. Our depth of experience with regulated industries puts us in the unique position of helping our clients safely create personalized experiences to deliver the most impactful targeted content, while still retaining trust--and compliance. Our primary researched actionable personas –unique knowledge of your users - helps us design personalized digital experiences that create more engaged customers, reduce phone calls and emails to help centers, and prevent customers feeling disengaged and going elsewhere for content.

The Process of Personalization

Today’s modern websites offer systems that help brands deliver a relevant digital customer experience from the start. Built in tools in modern CMS (Content Management Systems), for example, can recognize a visitor’s behavior and deliver highly personalized content in real time—based solely on activity patterns. In fact, a new user’s choices can indicate patterns in their behavior, allowing the website to start to personalize the content to that pattern. If a visitor shifts and starts to resemble another pattern, the content shifts also.

Privacy is always the utmost concern, particularly in highly regulated industries like yours. However, you can retain privacy and still deliver a customized interaction. A visitor’s profile based solely on the interests and interactions they display on your site can deliver relevant content and help you guide them to the areas of your site that may be most relevant to them. And, as you gather more insights, you can progressively personalize the experience.

By using behavioral cues such as what types of content customers are consuming, or which paths they take, our modern digital experiences are designed to predict their interests and even which phase of the buying cycle they are in, so we can deliver the exact content they want when they want it.