From online banking to robo advisors, today’s digital experiences exist in a state of perpetual iteration. The Internet is a living thing – which means that successful digital experiences require having the data and insights to iterate on an ongoing basis, adapting to the ever-changing attitudes, behaviors, and access points of digital audiences.

Relentlessly Striving for Excellence

Optimization is elemental to our work at Extractable. We use all available techniques and technologies to empower our clients with a better understanding of their audiences, and harnessing that understanding to design stronger experiences in pursuit of target business results.

When we begin designing a new experience, Extractable’s analytics team dives in to available data and establishes benchmarks across key performance indicators (KPIs). This measurements can range from the number of logins per user per month for online banking, to the percentage of lead forms successfully completed on a software company’s website.

With an understanding of a client’s KPIs, we generate forecasts for how we believe design, UX, and content modifications could improve performance across key measurements. These forecasts can be used in justifying strategic and tactical decisions in pursuit of measurable, target business results.

Data in and of itself isn’t enough – only through analysis and interpretation can we identify patterns and strategic insights to improve an experience. Organizing data in detailed reports and highly-visual dashboards helps us to better understand users and their behavior.

These tools both inspire and enable rigorous testing. Taking a hypothesis, like changing the structure of a page displaying doctor profiles to improve appointment registrations, we can monitor how specific KPIs are affected by UX and design alterations. Senior decision-makers are often removed from day-to-day digital or marketing performance metrics, and having new levels of access can be highly beneficial in planning and strategy.

Establishing and sticking to the right process is also critical to successful optimization. By identifying key performance metrics and constantly measuring results against benchmarks, Extractable targets insights to optimize the effectiveness of design and content in a continuous feedback loop that consistently delivers continually improved business outcomes.