B2B Technology and Services

B2B audiences are more sophisticated than ever, proactively using digital channels to research products or services and evaluate a purchase decision. Extractable partners with software, high-tech, and business services companies to fuel growth. We take the time to understand key business drivers and objectives, developing plans for how to successfully approach digital – for marketing purposes and long-term business transformation.

Helping Companies Sell

Companies face challenges bringing their products to a crowded market. Sales approaches based on outbound prospecting aren’t as successful as they have been in the past. Extractable helps brands create websites that generate leads and nurture them toward a buying decision.

Typically, we’re driving toward a conversion event like scheduling a product demo or signing up for a trial account. Throughout the prospect’s journey on the site, content and interactions are geared toward providing valuable information for consideration and providing clear calls to action, resulting in a conversion-oriented experience.

Utilizing the robust capabilities of leading Content Management Systems, CRM software, web analytics, and marketing automation tools, Extractable can personalize the content and customer journey of a prospective buyer.

When successfully deployed, we’ve seen these personalization tactics deliver double- and triple-digit improvements in primary conversion metrics associated with lead generation and sales enablement. This means sales teams spend less time chasing dead ends and more time closing warm leads.

We clarified Keynote's go-to-market message to ensure prospects understood the company's value proposition

Many high-tech and business services companies don’t have an understanding of what “digital” means for their business, or the associated efficiencies, risks, and opportunities. Extractable partners with these companies to develop strategic plans to harness the value of digital experiences and incite business results.

We work with global product and services companies to expand and enhance the role of the digital experience for a range of sophisticated audiences. While these companies may have websites that offer some relevant content, they aren’t necessarily making the most of these digital touch points.

IT leader, Presidio's new website enjoyed 179% Increase in leads generated on its site

From improving the functionality of website search to support complex queries and results, to simplifying how design engineers view and share data sheets, we embrace a user-centered approach to creating an experience that helps high-tech companies capitalize on digital interactions with their audiences.

Business services companies are often rooted in traditional operational methods – from marketing their services to delivering them, the mechanisms by which business get done don’t necessarily change at the pace of today’s technology innovation.

Partnering with these companies, Extractable often makes an immediate impact for the business by identifying shortcomings in content and UX that impede SEO ranking and customer engagement across a website. While these are just starting points, we look to expand upon successes in primary objectives to fuel long-term change.