Personalization Driven by CRM Data and Behaviors

  • Mark Ryan
  • July 01, 2013

We just completed a new tagging effort for an online application that is very tightly integrated with an internal core platform with CRM data. We are bringing metrics from over 19 different data points from the CRM to the web analytics platform. These data points give us an amazing ability to segment web analytics behaviors based not only on whether or not the visitor is a customer/prospect but also on different types of customers (i.e. loyalty, new customers, old customers, customers with multiple active products, customers with inactive products, support needs, etc). We implemented the new reporting with Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager using the newly expanded Custom Dimensions. As we were watching the new data come in, we realized what a great opportunity the combination of data provided for personalization.

With this new data we are able to combine web usage behaviors with CRM data to drive personalization. For example, within the web analytics data we understand a visitor’s propensity to use tools such as calculators and graphs. In the CRM data we understand a visitor’s loyalty to specific products. Combining this data gives us a quantifiable understanding of how tool usage increases loyalty towards products (and the brand). We can also tell from CRM data how much offline touch points strengthen customer relationships when compared with online touch points. We’re excited about this project and are looking forward to combining more data sources (i.e. call center) with the web analytics reporting.

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