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7 COVID-19 Web Insights Show What’s Worrying Consumers

  • Mark Ryan
  • May 12, 2020

The pandemic has initiated a flood of traffic to the public websites and online resources of many banks and credit unions. Analysis of this shift in interest underscores the challenges ahead and the digital strategies necessary to meet them.

As shelter-in-place orders have either shuttered or severely limited access to financial institutions, people have had almost no choice but to engage with banks and credit unions on digital channels.

To understand how consumers and businesses are interacting with financial institutions in these unique times, we looked at search trends data provided by major search engines such as Google. We also dove deeper into the data on bank and credit union websites looking at web analytics data from sources such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics as well as data on web traffic to online banking platforms.

What America’s Googling About During COVID-19 Period

The second week of April, traffic to the public websites and online resources of many banks and credit unions reached all-time highs. This spike in visitation piled onto the already significant increases in online banking logins and usage of functions such as bill pay.

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