The (Very Near) Future of Digital Banking

Future Thinking.

Recently, a national bank came to us with an intriguing request. They asked us to create a vision of what the near-future state of the digital banking experience may look like from a consumer’s perspective. Designing a world where digital experiences better connect consumers with their financial lives? This is the very work on which we thrive.

In developing the concept, we considered these guiding principles:

  • The designs exist within tablet and mobile devices that may be 1-2 generations in the future. These devices will include biometrics devices (fingerprint, retina etc.) and have a more edge-to-edge glass like form-factor.
  • While focused on tablet and mobile devices, the experience has been created to scale elegantly to very large desktop screens (or even, large wall mounted tablet devices).
  • The concepts are for a bank that offers a full suite of products and services, from checking to investments. The design will ‘collapse down’ elegantly for institutions with a smaller product footprint.
  • Similarly, for the customer, the design takes advantage of all the bank’s products on offer. If they used less, the experience will scale down.
  • The entire experience is optimized for touch interactions. Always rewarding every interaction with delightful and responsive visual feedback.
  • The design utilizes progressive disclosure – rather than trying to present all information at once, like a link farm, the user touches key information and more details are progressively displayed.
  • This way, the user does not need to use primary navigation and it leads them on a personal journey to the information and eventual action needed.
  • For the logged-in, online banking state, the goal is not only to let customers view key information at a glance and take key actions with a single touch, but also to help them understand their finances at a higher level, to aid in both long-term and short-term decision making.

If you’d like a deeper dive into this experience, drop us a line. We’d be happy to take you through the thinking behind the strategy and design.

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