Superior Online Banking Design

Differentiating Your Online Banking Experience

We believe the banking industry is on the verge of a huge leap forward and that a tremendous opportunity exists in designing a better online banking experience. It starts with understanding what retail and commercial customers are looking for, and making a concerted effort to deliver a painless and fluid experience managing money. It ends with a customer experience that is differentiated from the rest, forges deeper connections across financial products and services, and empowers people to make better financial decisions.

Based on our extensive work with clients from the financial services industry, and a thorough assessment of the current state of online banking, we’ve boiled down four core principles that should be embraced when designing a superior OLB experience:

1. Ensure exceptional ease-of-use by designing from the user’s perspective. Information is presented intuitively and interactions are structured in a manner that is easily understood and managed.

2. Ensure consistency of experience regardless of device type by keeping the design aesthetic, content structure, and functionality the same across delivery channels. Make sure that Web, app, and mobile experiences all work in a similar (but not identical) fashion.

3. Support good financial decision-making by offering valuable, contextual-based insights that help people recognize which financial products and services may be beneficial to their situation.

4. Embrace a platform that can elegantly expand to house more features and functionality while moving up the value chain to deliver more products and services to customers.

Are you seeking to offer a robust, differentiated online banking experience for your customers? Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch to share some research and insights into designing a truly superior online banking experience.

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