Patelco Credit Union Case Study

A best-in-class user experience designed to promote financial health

As 22nd largest credit union in the U.S., Patelco was overdue for a site redesign. They came to us with strong internal alignment and together, we defined website goals for both their membership, and their internal organization. What followed was a highly collaborative, cross-functional effort, ultimately resulting in more deliberate web and mobile channels.

We were asked to build a best-in-class website experience that empowers members to achieve financial health, transform the site into a more effective and efficient digital channel, and embody the refreshed spirit of the Patelco brand.

Our collective goals for the site were ambitious but achievable: Communicate that Patelco is their trusted partner who is “in it together” with their members. Establish financial health as a core commitment and differentiator for the brand. Empower members to self-serve and resolve more issues online. Convert more in-branch applications, to the online channel. And improve the administrative efficiency of the site.

Patelco Credit Union home page design

Central to our solution was to offer members different ways to engage with Patelco’s products and services. We created a self-service path, for folks who knew exactly what they wanted, as well as guided experience paths to help members find the products and services that suit them best.

We also worked with Patelco to develop a thoughtful, actionable philosophy around the key steps to greater financial health. This financial wellness content encourages members to

engage in a mindset that gets them thinking beyond their day-to-day finances and also helps differentiate Patelco among its competitors.

Our clients are thrilled with the new site. It’s a fresh, engaging, responsive, WCAG-compliant experience, with multiple self-service and ‘guided’ user paths. It’s also the brand’s first CMS-based site experience, with 2 different search engines, an improved branch locator, base personalization capabilities, integration of over a dozen calculators, and more comprehensive conversion tracking capabilities. The site serves as an on brand gateway to their new Online Banking and application platforms, which were developed in parallel with this effort.

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