Europ Assistance Case Study

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For over 50 years, Europ Assistance has provided its customers with information and advice, health risk indicators for each country, labels and badges for locating mislaid luggage, cancellation, lost baggage and multi-risk insurance, online claims reports, “anti surprise” rental insurance, innovative Web services and mobile applications.

Offering Safety and Assistance—On the Go

Employees for major corporations who are traveling for work in second and third-world countries have to deal with communication and safety challenges. Europ Assistance sought a new, reliable tool that could aid people in the field via their mobile phone when these issues presented themselves.

Extractable created a Web-based, mobile application that was designed to allow end users (folks in the field) with an experience that was easy-to-use and effective on a myriad of cellular network connections. The solution is also customizable and easy to manage centrally from a company’s headquarters.

The application provides immediate access to the local emergency contact numbers depending on a user’s location. It provides maps and directions to locations that can provide help. It has powerful translation assistance in local dialects for common issues. Alerts about local dangers and travel issues are streamed in depending on the specific location of the user.

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