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Webinar: The Uberization of Banking

  • Chris Corriveau
  • March 28, 2016
Related Topics

On February 17th, Simon Mathews, Extractable’s Chief Strategy Officer, led a webinar on “The Uberization of Banking” as part of an ongoing series with Backbase, a leading omni-channel customer experience platform. A recording of the webinar appears below, courtesy of Backbase.

Uber has become a byword for the disruption of an entire industry with every new startup calling itself the ‘Uber of ______’.

How can banks and other financial services companies learn from Uber and its fellow disrupters? How can established industry leaders learn and innovate, to deliver better experiences to customers? And how can legacy financial services providers embrace disruption to beat out the wave of new fintech companies?

This webinar looks at:

  • Breaking down the types and elements of Uber-like disruption that apply to banks and financial services companies.
  • Examples of disruption and innovation.
  • The imperative to deliver innovative digital experiences.
  • What is required to deliver digital experiences that customers actually want to use.

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