Webinar | Coping with COVID-19: Strategies for adapting to the new normal

  • Craig McLaughlin
  • May 20, 2020

As the post-pandemic economic fallout spreads, financial institutions find themselves juggling some big priorities. With branches shuttered, organizations are scrambling to find new ways to manage revenue and customer expectations; despite near-zero interest rates. The pressure is exposing known weaknesses in processes, technology, and the ability to respond quickly.

In this webinar, Extractable CEO Craig McLaughlin, CSO Alex Jimenez, and Episerver’s John Field discuss the strategies financial institutions can undertake today to build digital resilience for the future.

  • What can an FI do now to manage through the current situation and come out stronger?
  • In the long-term, what should organizations do to respond to an increasingly digital future?
  • What makes a successful digital strategy?

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