Alaska USA Federal Credit Union - Case Study


One of the largest credit unions in the U.S., with assets over $12 billion, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union was experiencing growing pains as they expanded into more states. Their website looked out-of-date and hard to navigate. It was also difficult for marketing to update without involving the dev team. As a workaround, marketing had created a second site on their own domain. The situation was less than ideal for an organization that wanted to focus more on digital marketing and to align the site with their business goals.

Ultimately, what Alaska USA needed was more than just a new look and feel; they needed to have the right technology and tools to scale for future growth.


Before Extractable started the design process, we worked closely with Alaska’s digital team and leadership to define their strategy. We follow a proven methodology that is based on data user research. No matter how many credit unions we have worked with, it’s still essential for us to understand the unique needs of each credit union’s audience and business.

Collage of images representing the strategy process for Alaska USA

Once we had the strategy defined, we worked in parallel to design the user experience, develop a plan to drive growth through SEO, and select a new content management system (CMS). The key to the project’s success was just as much about what was going on behind the scenes as the front end design.

“The Extractable team was a powerhouse. Not only were they an extension to our content and development teams, they were also essential in driving conversations on strategy with executives. Extractable lives up to the definition of ‘partner’ through and through.”

—Heather Resh, Marketing Operations Manager, Alaska USA



  • Personas and user journeys to optimize the experience
  • Mobile-first design mindset
  • Integrate the two marketing sites into a single domain
  • Selection of a new Content Management System: Optimizely

Collage of images of three personas and journey maps for Alaska USA

UX and Design:

  • Tested competing information architectures with real users
  • Improved navigation to reduce friction
  • Personalization to drive conversion
  • Thoughtful use of microinteractions for a modern look-and-feel

“Our members expect us to know who they are and have some level information about them when they come to us. In your local branch a representative can get to know you and can provide that personal touch. This is the very first step in the direction of delivering a hyper-personalized experience in the digital channel.”

—Heather Resh, Marketing Operations Manager, Alaska USA

Images of Alaska USA wireframes and designs for the navigation and several pages on desktop and mobile

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content:

  • Improved tagging and tracking
  • Analytics dashboards to provide insight
  • Pages optimized for SEO
  • Copywriting

Development and Launch:

  • Front and backend development
  • Dynamic rates tables through an API
  • CMS training
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Post-launch support


The new site has a modular design system that gives the marketing team the flexibility they need while maintaining brand consistency. At the same time, the new Optimizely CMS makes it easier for content creators to manage the content and workflows.

  • 20% increase in site engagement
  • 10% increase in organic search visitors
  • Conversion optimization utilizing Web Experimentation

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