How does your bank measure up?

Introducing the Best Digital Experiences in Banking 2018

As one of the world’s top agencies focused on financial services clients, we recently applied our collective knowledge of financial brands and digital experience to the recently published “Forbes 2018 Top 100 Best Banks in America.” We rolled up our sleeves, and conducted our own evaluation of the top 50 of these banks, looking at everything from UX and visual design, to content, analytics and more. Check out our high level findings, and dig into more details by downloading the free report.

User Experience

Welcome to 2018. Responsive design required.

Customers today expect to be able to bank from their desktop, tablet or mobile device. Surprisingly, 12% of our banks didn’t get the memo, and still offer static, non-responsive experiences. On a brighter note, a few are leading the charge with mobile-first designs that ensure all devices offer an intuitive, simple experience.

Analytics & SEO

Banks must master their domains

“Domain Authority” predicts how well a website will rank on search engine results pages, and only 5 of our top banks scored above 70. This suggests that many banks may be leaving search opportunities on the table. How is your bank doing?

Visual Design & Branding

Work the system

From typeface and color, to iconography and interactive styles, building a strong visual design system gives designers the means to create integrated work across devices and channels. UX components and pattern libraries are also great tools for extending your brand across digital channel, to your branches, and beyond.

Key Functionality

Be a champion for chat

Shockingly, only four of the fifty banks (8%) we evaluated offered a Live Chat feature. Millennials are three times more likely to self-serve than to call customer service, making chat an important feature for the future of banking.


Opportunities lost in translation

Only 4 of our 50 evaluated banks translated content into Spanish. With 13% of the US population speaking Spanish, we see this as a missed opportunity to attract a growing audience. Banks should consider other emerging languages for content as well.

Digital Marketing

The social struggle is real

Though not a challenge that’s unique to banking, our industry particularly struggles with relevancy when it comes to marketing in social channels. Developing effective strategies for these channels should be part of any strong marketing program.

To dig deeper into our findings, download the free report. If you would like a customized presentation by Extractable on the Best Digital Experiences in Banking Report and how you can up your game for customers, please get in touch:


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