GECU Launch

Extractable just launched an exciting new digital platform for GECU (Greater El Paso Credit Union), one of El Paso Texas’s largest and most respected financial institutions. GECU is in the business of helping people help each other – something they’ve being successful at for over 80 years. Given the brands rich history and scale within the community we saw an opportunity to celebrate their key defining characteristic in a creative way by using local people and the iconic settings of the area.

To maximize this concept, we created a new design that features custom photography that acts as both the hero content and the background. The design and photography was carefully crafted to work perfectly across all screen sizes – all the way up to 2560×1440 – while maintaining a full bleed, seamless experience. We had approached the photo shoot differently to make this happen, capturing the primary action in the center, spacing for promotional messaging, and adding beautiful scenery that spanned wide along the edges. It wasn’t easy but the results where worth the extra effort creating a true connection between local customers and local settings.