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Coming Soon: Our 2017 CU Digital Experience Report

  • Craig McLaughlin
  • October 18, 2017

For close to two decades, we have partnered with more than 40 Credit Unions like Meridian, Greater El Paso, and Patelco on their digital future to create the best member experiences. At Extractable, we love working with CUs because they’re passionate about their members’ financial well-being and we’re passionate about simplifying digital for Financial Services.

Members expect more from online banking than ever. How does your CU measure up on digital experience?

2017 Credit Union Digital Experience Report

Drawing on our years of expertise, we’re evaluating the top 20 US-based Credit Unions on their digital offering. Our 2017 CU Digital Experience Report will reveal how well the top CUs score in the following areas:

  • Brand and visual design
  • User experience
  • Key features and functionality
  • Performance
  • Search and SEO

While we know a holistic, user-centered approach will serve your business best, functionality and feature sets matter too. Here is one of our early findings:

Millennials are 3X more likely to go online than to call customer service but only 35% of the top 20 CUs offer Live Chat.

Research shows, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprises without interacting with a human.[1]

Our team believes the future of online banking is already here. We can help you analyze your current design and performance, better understand and empathize with your members, and efficiently design the best digital experience. Never has human-centered design been more influential in a business’s success.

Drop us a note and we will make sure to send you the Extractable 2017 Credit Union Digital Experience Report when it is ready. We look forward to sharing it with you soon!





[1] Gartner, 2011


Craig McLaughlin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Extractable – a San Francisco based agency excelling at digital solutions for financial services clients. Over the last two decades, he and his team are proud to have driven success for large-scale FIs, community banks, credit unions and fintech start-ups. Extractable is on a mission to positively impact the field of finance.

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