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Case Study: RedPrairie


RedPrairie is a supply chain, workforce, and all-channel retail solution that ensures visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. With over 60,000+ customer sites across 40 countries, and a 35-year history, RedPrairie is a leader in the supply chain and retail channel technology space.


RedPrairie’s digital presence did not reflect its leadership position in the business-to-business solutions space. The design didn’t differentiate the brand; the experience didn’t support the growth of the business or provide the online services needed for a large global company.


Using our data-driven and user-centered methodology, we implemented a new CMS and a new aesthetic for RedPrairie’s digital touch points that could take them well into the future. Our solution allowed for easy distribution of content and a fresh new brand expression specifically created for audiences speaking US English, UK English, French, Spanish and Mandarin. We also put in-depth analytics in place so that site could be improved quickly over time.

Website Results
  • 50% increase in lead generation
  • 34% increase in non-branded SEO traffic

The Work