Case Study:


Presidio Redesign

Making Connections for an IT Leader



Increase in Leads Generated on the site

More than ever, businesses rely on IT services to be successful. From marketing to fulfillment, businesses need expert planning, coordination, and execution across hardware, software, networks, and everything in between. That's where Presidio comes in.

A leading provider of professional and managed IT services, Presidio offers deployment and integration, hardware and software development, cloud and hosting, operational support, vendor maintenance, and staff augmentation services. With 50 offices across the U.S. and over $1B in revenue, Presidio employs more than 2,400 IT professionals.

Making a Bold Impression

Presidio approached Extractable having acquired several smaller businesses, and the company's leadership had ambitions to become a leading provider of corporate IT services. To succeed, Presidio needed to re-think their strategy for connecting with their target customer demographic of senior IT leaders.

At the beginning, there were concerns around the brand's perceived credibility with target audiences. Speaking with Presidio stakeholders and customers, we learned the website failed to accurately depict the company's positioning. It was clear that the brand needed to build greater legitimacy in the eyes of target markets.

Collaborating with Presidio's stakeholders, we developed a new design aesthetic utilizing bold, technology-themed photography to express the company's size and professionalism. Accenting this bold photography were subtler graphical representations of data and systems, further underscoring Presidio's deep technology expertise.

Simplifying a Complicated Conversation

As a result of Presidio's acquisitive behavior, five different sites were rolling up into the main corporate website, creating problems for navigation and SEO ranking. Extractable set to work plotting a course to consolidate these websites and effectively integrate the acquired businesses under the larger Presidio digital umbrella.

Web analytics data and user research revealed problems with the site's navigation and content that wasn't resonating with target audiences. Using heat maps and click paths to track visitor behavior, our analytics and UX teams pinpointed site components causing confusion and developed insights for designing an improved navigation and content structure.

Extractable's content strategy team developed style guides for producing content that would better resonate with Presidio's audience of strategically-minded senior IT leaders. As part of this process, we identified opportunities to improve organic search rankings and thereby attract a greater volume of prospective customers.

Designing a Sales-Focused Website

Ultimately, our goal for the project was to generate more qualified leads from the corporate website. We sought to achieve this by coordinating Presidio's enhanced brand image with strategically-minded content and more intuitive site structure and navigation to make it easier for audiences to find and engage with content that would support them on the path to becoming a customer.



Increase in Non-branded SEO

Key to designing a lead generation website experience was diagramming customer journeys and dissecting user flows and interactions to iterate on a design that would promote interactions with relevant content, accelerating the path to conversion.

The new was launched and yielded double-digit improvements across a range of lead generation metrics, indicating that the coordination of an elevated brand perception, more digestible content, and conversion-oriented design was successful in helping the company target primary customers.