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Project: Redesign

Micron's products may be tiny, but their goals are anything but...



Increase in Datasheet Downloads

Almost every electronic device you touch contains Micron memory. From your car to smartphone, and even the services and apps you use, your devices are likely pulling data from a data center using Micron Solid State Drives (SSD) and advanced server memory.

Micron's 30,000 people are focused on driving their customers' innovation forward and they pride themselves in working closely with their customers' design engineers and product teams. To aid in this effort, was developed to provide all the information clients needed to select and design in Micron's memory solutions.

Phases of Success

Extractable has been working with Micron for four years to first build, then expand and enhance their digital experience over multiple phases and audiences.

01. Accelerating Performance

Before engaging Extractable, users visiting were met with extremely slow page-load times, especially in the critical market of China where the site was often down. Built on an earlier-generation content management system (CMS), the site could not handle millions of visits while pulling in data dynamically on Micron’s every changing 20,000+ parts catalog.

The first challenge was to solve the performance issue, so Extractable completely rebuilt the site on Sitecore—a true enterprise-class CMS that can handle the complexity and scalability that Micron needed. The build was completed in three months and reduced average global load times by a factor of 10x. The site continues to deliver accelerated performance though the catalog has grown to 50,000+ parts.

Average global load times were reduced by a factor of 10x.

02. Enhancing the Core Experience

With now stable and loading quickly, the second challenge was to completely overhaul the experience to quickly connect design engineers, and other audiences around the world, with the content and experience they sought.

Data analysis and primary research led to key insights that honed our understanding of what needed to be achieved with the experience. For example, analysis of search terms entered on the site showed many users looking for certain part numbers or specific design tools and support. This led to the design of a new advanced predictive search capability.

With an ever-increasing catalog (50,000 products and growing), predictive search helps designers find the right product right when they need it.

At a strategic level, Micron stakeholders previously thought that some bigger customers were using the site less as they were well supported by the sales and application engineering teams. However, the analytics showed large customers were visiting as often as other customers. With this insight, we developed a new engagement strategy that would transform the site into a tool to facilitate relationships with larger clients together with its sales teams.

After a significant interactive design process the new site was rolled out around the world. It featured a highly simplified navigation scheme, more powerful content acceleration tools –such as predictive search—and a new, more modern visual design.

The powerful analytics platform underpinning the experience soon started showing the team before-and-after results that were so good we had to recheck the numbers multiple times. The primary KPI the site is measured on was getting parts datasheets into the hands of design engineers, and that core number had risen over 200% after the launch of the new experience.

03. New tools, New Audiences

With the new experience now in place, Micron and Extractable brought the power of the new design and CMS platform to new audiences.

First up were the sales teams and distributors who sell and fulfill Micron solutions. Primary research with these audiences showed the dominant need was to have the latest information, such as product roadmaps, at their fingertips, as they went on customer visits. This led to the creation of a secured section of, where the sales team could quickly find the information or document they needed. And, as these teams were often on the road, the whole experience worked seamlessly on phones and tablets as well.

Together, we're redefining the technologies of tomorrow. From in-car navigation systems to the latest tablets and smartphones.

The website wasn't the only thing evolving. Micron was also evolving rapidly during the project, bringing to market more application-focused solutions and new innovations for key industries, making driving thought leadership to leaders at their target customers critical. To support this, Extractable created a new 'topics' section on along with a strong content marketing strategy and search optimization goal. This paid off with a significant increase in inbound search traffic for these topics after the section launched.

04. Evolving the Brand

The most recent phase of the evolution of has been focused on brand expression. In line with Micron's innovation in the storage area, and in completely new technologies such as Hybrid-Memory-Cube, the company has been evolving its brand to focus on highlighting its role in helping advance its customers' innovation. The latest launch included a complete refresh of the site's visual design, and addition of new "storytelling" pages. It also put an emphasis on video while delivering the new Micron digital experience for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.