Case Study:


Website Design

Improving the buying experience for LeapFrog wasn’t child’s play but it sure was fun.


For nearly 20 years, LeapFrog has created award-winning learning solutions that combine educational expertise, innovative technology, and a child' love for fun. With experiences that are personalized to each child's level, LeapFrog helps children achieve their potential through LeapFrog's proprietary learning tablets, reading and writing systems, interactive learning toys and more, all designed or approved by LeapFrog's full-time in-house team of learning experts.

The LeapFrog website wasn't living up to the same standards as its award-winning products though. So Extractable was challenged to redesign their large, rambling, outdated Web experience into one that was more effective and educational, easier and more fun to use, and higher converting.


In addition to the physical products for which LeapFrog was already known (tablets, learning toys, reading systems, etc.), the company sought to become established as a robust content provider. As a result, the shopping and browsing experience needed to present both physical products and soft-content (downloadable) products in a way that made it easy for users to navigate, compare, and purchase various product types in a single transaction.

Extractable developed an all-new user experience that provided the flexibility and depth required to tell LeapFrog's expanding brand story. In addition, we completely restructured the product and content browsing experience so shoppers could find and filter products faster and easier. Each of the product-detail pages were completely redesigned to better showcase the products themselves, including pricing options, unique features, videos, imagery, educational benefits, and user reviews.


When it came to buying those LeapFrog products and content (games, books, tablets, etc.) together, we made that as easy as 1-2-3. For the first time, users could combine physical and downloadable purchases in the same transaction on And finally, the entire cart checkout process was greatly streamlined and simplified to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts.