Case Study:


Keynote Systems

Making every digital interaction count



Increase in leads generated on the site

When you talk about Internet pioneers, it's hard to leave Keynote out of the conversation. Since its founding in 1995, the company has been a market leader with a client list that includes nearly every top retail, ecommerce, and social company.

The global leader in cloud–based testing, monitoring, and analytics for mobile and web, Keynote's Software-as-a-Service products are deployed to enhance user experience and drive business value through online performance. They operate the world's largest cloud testing, monitoring and analytics network, collecting over 700 million mobile and website performance measurements daily.

Revitalizing an Industry-leading Brand

Over the years, Keynote had acquired 17 businesses to augment their portfolio of products and solutions. Through these acquisitions, the brand had become diluted and challenges emerged with communicating the company's legacy. Extractable was engaged to re-launch the brand and redesign to be a conversion-oriented experience that would generate more leads.

Extractable branding methodology with Keynote



Increase in lead form fills

Extractable led brand exercises with Keynote's stakeholders, discussing key messaging ideas and buyer personas to distill a single brand positioning statement. Ultimately, the concept that was settled on was to "make every digital interaction count" – alluding to both the quantitative metrics Keynote monitors and the qualitative experience of websites.

To substantiate this new brand position, we created new brand standards – including contemporary and clean colors for design, and a content style guide for effectively messaging across Keynote's website. Our objective was to express Keynote's brand legacy and unique product offerings in a friendly and digestible format.

Content strategy and development would prove to be crucial for a successful redesign. Products needed to be communicated to their different audiences, from marketing directors to IT managers, in a manner that clearly expressed benefits and business impact. Extractable's content team established a style guide to aid in future content development.

Utilizing customer personas developed in our Discovery & Strategy phase, Extractable's UX team redesigned the "product page of death" to present content logically and offer clear calls-to-action. We included simplified messaging to provide site visitors with a more straightforward experience as they navigated the site and researched Keynote's offerings.

Designing a Website to Generate Leads

At the end of the day, our core objective was to design a new website that would that would generate more leads for Keynote. To accomplish this, we set goals to get more qualified visitors to the website and better convert those visitors on the site. For the first part of the equation, Extractable's analytics and content teams researched web analytics data and examined the content across Keynote's website to develop a strategy for new SEO-driven content. By improving search rankings, we generated an efficient gain in top-of-the-funnel metrics for Keynote's lead generation.

To improve conversion performance, we simplified the dialogue that Keynote was having with visitors. Extractable's strategy, UX, and visual design teams collaborated to structure user flows and interactions around getting different audiences to information that would be used in purchase consideration, and making it easier to take actively request more information.

In the end, we succeeded in helping Keynote develop and launch a new brand identity and producing double-digit improvements across a range of primary conversion metrics. Most importantly, we significantly increased the number of leads the website generated, which translates to more business for Keynote.