Yahoo! Pattern and UI Libraries

Christian Crumlish  

February 14, 2006

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Yahoo! has really taken it to the next level in terms of reaching out to the developer community. 

Yahoo defines the Design Pattern Library as “an optimal solution to a common problem within a specific context”. The pattern library describes a problem and the best approach to undestanding and solving it.

Current examples include: auto-complete, breadcrumbs, drag and drop modules, module tabs, navigation tabs, object pagination, search pagination, object ratings, and writing a review.

The examples are sectioned into: when to use, the solution, the rationale, and accessibility. A sidebar includes links to related patterns, where Yahoo! has applied it to their own sites, a related blog article, and code examples.

Coupling the Pattern Libraries are the UI Libraries with in-depth examples and BSD-licensed code available for download.

These libraries are shaping up to be an essential resource for developers and designers alike!