When will HTML5 be mainstream?

Mark  Ryan

November 18, 2010

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HTML5 is currently only supported by the very latest browsers (IE9, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5.0, Chrome 9+). Which means it could take years before we see a large scale roll out of HTML5 functions in websites. It took 9 years for IE6 to rise to be the most widely used browser and then drop below 10% market share. IE8, which is currently almost 3 years old and does not support HTML5, could be widely used for another 5 years. That is 5 years before we can start using HTML5 on websites that will be accessed by the masses!

Web Browser Market Share for IE

Web Browser Market Share

Can’t a web developer dream?

When IE6 was released in 2001, it was quickly adopted and had a market share of over 40% by the time of its first birthday. Part of the reason for the quick adoption was that IE6 supported cool features such as advanced DHTML and new JavaScript functions. At Extractable, we are very optimistic that HTML5 support will drive a quick adoption of the new browsers that support it and will push IT departments to upgrade corporate browser standards. Even with a quick adoption, it will likely be a minimum of 2 years before 75%+ of the market is using browsers that support HTML5.