What Members Want from a Credit Union Website

Rob W  

April 09, 2008

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In the last several Credit Union website redesign projects we have launched online surveys in order to gather feedback from members and make sure our client’s website redesign goals were inline with the expectations of their members.

More than any other data we have collected and analyzed, consistency of responses we receive to the following question have been amazing, ‘Which of the following changes and enhancements to the web site would you find most valuable?’

Members were allowed to select from a list of changes or enhancements they wanted the website redesign to address. Such common selections included: Email Alerts, RSS, Financial Calculators, Blogs, New Look, Easier to find Information, etc.

Consistently, the top 3 selections by members weren’t ‘features’ or ‘technical’ in nature but addressed the information architecture and design of the site:

Every Credit Union had 26% – 36% of their members identifying the following website changes as the most valuable:

• New updated look
• Easier to find information
• More detailed information

The 4th most common selection was ‘Online opening account and funding feature’ which 25% of members selected.

While it is good that Credit Unions update their websites with new technologies, they should not forget the fundamentals of providing a website that allows their members to easily find the financial information they need while representing a professional image.