Website accessibility

Dan Harrelson  

December 05, 2006

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Today I stumbled across an article that the US Government is being forced to redesign our currency to better serve the blind community.

“It can no longer be successfully argued that a blind person has ‘meaningful access’ to currency if she cannot accurately identify paper money without assistance,” [Judge] Robertson wrote in a 26-page order.

This seems like an enormous challenge to me. Trying to introduce new US currency that appeals to both the disabled community and to the security community seems to be pretty tough.

We always aim for our website template designs to gracefully degrade for older browsers and for screen readers. Coding to W3C standards and separating presentation from content with heavy CSS use gets us halfway there. Our work on this year’s Visa Europe redesign resulted in numerous write-ups on the success of an accessible site in the European press.

Followup: Todd notes that ‘Ninety seven percent of websites did not provide even minimum levels of accessibility, a new survey has found.’