Typekit Brings Custom Fonts to the Web

Joey Fung  

December 06, 2010

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Since 2008, Typekit allowed designers to go beyond the standard web-safe fonts and add the style needed to reflect their brand. As of last week, however, Typekit now offers font designers the ability to upload their own custom fonts into their Typekit account at no additional charge (provided they’ve purchased a license from a foundry that works with Typekit).

new yorker fonts
The New Yorker’s Homepage with their custom font highlighted.

While the custom type is still a little sharp and pixelated, it’s supported across a wide range of platforms, maintaining branding wherever the site is displayed. The text can of course be searched, and eliminates the pain of crafting and uploading images. This a huge boon for large companies translating their print media to digital, and for font designers looking to highlight their portfolio.