Translating Market Research to UX Research

Tara Loosvelt  

January 25, 2012

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Market research is helpful to User Experience Design by extracting behavior-centric information to inform the online strategy. The role of the User Experience Designer is to get to know not only who the customers are on the web, but also what they do, and how they do it. Those insights can begin to shape from the clients Marketing Department. Here are a few examples where marketing categories containing research about customers can be easily translated into practical insights that are helpful to UX:

Marketing Category - Branding Guidelines - Insights for UX -What messaging and style will be appealing? What does the training material explain about how to interact with customers and troubleshoot common problems?

Marketing Category - Market assessment and target demographics - Insights for UX - The types of workflows, user tasks and practices seen in the field.

Marketing Category - Promotion content materials - Insights for UX- What incentives make people buy the products and create loyal customers? What opportunities are there for up-selling?

Marketing Category - Marketing Roadmap - Insights for UX - Which audience/demographic do they want to grow, and which customers and users are most important? What are their competitor websites, and what do they like and not like about them? Which products or aspects of the company will grow and which ones will go away?