The New Face of Google Analytics

Mark  Ryan

April 28, 2011

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Google Analytics launched an updated interface with some key improvements.  There are too many changes to discuss in 1 blog post.  Below are some of the features I have enjoyed the most.

  • New, searchable, list of profiles allows much quicker access to profile data for accounts with many website, sub-domains, profiles, etc.
  • Quick links to top level reports (i.e. visitors, traffic sources, etc) have been placed on the profile listing eliminating at least 1 click for quicker access to reports.   This includes direct access to conversion.  The direct access to conversion is nice, but it would be better if it were direct access to Goals - not every site is an e-commerce site!
  • More exposure to the Google Analytics blog directly from the account homepage.  Also, the Help Center content was given more exposure within the reporting interface.
  • MULTIPLE DASHBOARDS per profile!!!!!  We've all been waiting on this one for awhile.  This will significantly change the way organizations do reporting within GA as profiles start to contain dashboards for each major role and function.
  • Custom Reports are given more prominence in the primary navigation.  Similar to the addition of multiple dashboards per profile, this will encourage organizations to do more custom reporting around site goals and functions.
  • Everything is clickable! Well not everything.  But GA has made a huge improvement, by making just about every major element of the reporting interface a link to a new report - allowing for massive drill down of the data.
  • I can use the Back Button.  This seems like a minor improvement, but I have always wondered why GA didn't allow users to use the back button.  Using the back button is pretty critical when drilling into multiple data sets.  This defect has been fixed.
  • New Help Forum makes it easier to ask questions and see what other people are asking (although truthfully, this is just GA adopting typically forum functionality).

I'm still waiting on a few key functions such as multi-visit reporting, unique link tracking in in-page analytics,  a completely integrated Excel client (one can wish), and searchable reports by top level name.   But I'm extremely happy with the improvements that have been made.  Thank you to the GA team.