Segmenting your Home Page by User Groups

Rob W  

April 21, 2008

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How important is a websites home page? More than 90% of visitors enter a website through the home page. It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to make a decision to remain on the website or leave it. If the home page lacks content or visual clues to the information the visitor is looking for, the visitor might use the website’s internal search engine or click through the site navigation but most web surfers (including myself) would rather use the back button on the browser and search again in Google to find a website that has the information they need on the home page.

How do you decrease the bounce rates of visitors on your home page? Your first step should be to define the user groups that comprise your website visitors. For example, we might define the user groups for a financial institution based on Market Segments (Gen X, Gen Y, Retiree) or Roles (Business Owner, Job Seekers, Press, Prospective Members, etc).

Make sure that your home page copy and imagery address all your user groups in order to entice them to click into your website. The more important the user group is to your business the more prominent the messaging should be to this group.

For example, imagine a financial institution that has a majority of their revenues come through their Investment and Retirement Services department but also offers free checking accounts to students and generates a lot of press with their financial literacy workshops they hold within their community.

The website home page (content and visual design) might run a large promo highlighting it’s Investment and Retirement services to the Gen X and Retirees user groups, while a small promo about free checking for students would be in right navigation and a utility link titled ‘Press’ would link to a separate page explaining the free workshops they regularly held within the community.

The website’s home page now addresses all the Credit Union’s principal user groups and the CU is more likely to see increased clicks from their home page to their interior webpages.