Search Engine Strategies Conference

Rob W  

August 25, 2008

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The Search Engine Strategies (SES) 2008 was one of the best conferences I have had the opportunity to attend recently. Some of the more interesting “take-aways” I got from the conference included:

  • When marketing your brand online always tell a compelling story that will make customers connect with your brand.
  • Optimize pages on your website for long tail keywords while keeping the visitors intent in mind. By figuring out what stage of the buying cycle they are in (researcher, comparison shopper, buyer, etc) you have a better chance of offering relevant information to the visitor and getting them to “convert” (eg. make a purchase).
  • Always be A/B testing! Test the pay-per-click ads that bring traffic to your website and test the color of the button on your site that converts a visitor.
  • Reduce home page bounce rates! How many visitors came to your website and found nothing on the home page that engaged them about the site’s content?
  • There are ton of free Firefox plugins that can help you with SEO like:,,,
  • Leveraging social media sites (examples: Twitter, facebook, delicious, digg, propeller, etc) can have a big impact on increasing organic search traffic if done right.
  • There is tremendous growth opportunity in the search industry outside the US.
  • Understand what your visitor wants to accomplish on your site. They don’t care if your are the company Best Buy they want to purchase the iPhone.
  • The “Google Dance” which invited SES attendees to drink, eat and dance was a blast!