Presidio Launched!

Sonya Moré  

March 05, 2013

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Our latest launch has been a fun one to see come to fruition. The assignment? Develop a rich, user-centric website for a multitude of targets, that showcases a cohesive brand story for one of the largest IT solution providers in the U.S.

Once again the EXTRACTABLE team rallied around the challenge. Presidio was looking to invigorate and unify it’s company’s web presence after rounds and rounds of mergers and acquisitions. A big player in the IT world with over 2000 IT professionals, operating out of 50 offices across the United States, Presidio caters to a wide set of clients such as CTOs, IT Managers, System Techs, and many more. It was up to us to give them a fresh new site and meet the needs of their main goal: to provide a site experience that catered to all targets – a thorough UX solution was needed. Presidio also wanted a strong web presence that could stand out above competition and bring about cohesion for all the acquired companies. The site needed to represent them accurately as a large, stable and professional organization.

It was also important to the Presidio team to keep their site content fresh and updated in the fast moving IT environment. The previous site was not easily updated by the web team within the company. EXTRACTABLE developed a platform that would allow for this. The new CMS platform allows non-technical members to directly edit content on the site while still maintaining a consistent look and feel. The project took 4 months to design and develop and should provide visitors with a truly engaging experience. We enjoyed collaborating with our Presidio clients and hope they love the results as much as we do. Thanks to everyone involved! Visit