Organic Search Results for Credit Unions

Rob W  

April 25, 2008

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In the past several years I have had the opportunity to work on four Credit Union (CU) website redesigns. Most of these projects included a search engine optimization (SEO) report that we produced during the Strategy phase. This SEO report included a list of the most popular keyword phrases users were searching on (in,, etc) to find the CU website.

In all off the Credit Union website redesign projects where we looked at the website analytics, the data showed that the top keyword phrases were all branded to the particular Credit Union.

For example, while the four Credit Unions had a decent amount of organic search traffic; 80% to 95% (with the remaining traffic coming from PPC banner ads, direct links, user directly typing in the URL, etc) almost all these searches revealed that the person already knew about the Credit Union.

For example, ABC Credit Union (note: I am using a fictitious name for client privacy) had their top 14 most popular keyword phrases contain the Credit Union name ‘ABC’ and their second most popular search was their actual url!

It is important that members who know about ABC Credit Union were able to find the website but when users searched for phrases like ‘Michigan Home Loans’ or ‘Detroit Car Loans’ the Credit Union did not appear in the top 100 listings of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

In my next blog, I’ll discuss how Credit Unions can start capturing search engine traffic from potential members that do not necessarily know about the products/services that the CU offers and rely on search engines for their research.