Integrating Social Analytics with Google Analytics

Meg Davis  

December 08, 2011

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It is essential for companies to start viewing their customer’s behavior from a holistic point of view – integrating data from both online and offline channels. However, many companies lack even a complete picture of what their customers are doing online. Companies need a way to measure how customers are engaging with social media and their website.

What do social media analytics track?

  • Influence (Number of Twitter Followers/Facebook Fans/etc)
  • Engagement (Number of Retweets/Likes/Comments/Interactions with Content/Number of Clicks)
  • Social Media ROI (Conversions from a Social Media channel or Assisted by Social Media Channel)
  • Audience Demographic and Location

Here’s a review of 3 social media analytics tools that integrate with Google Analytics – so there’s no excuse not to use them!

These tools range in functionality – so they can be used for one-man social marketing ninjas or larger PR teams. No website or brand is too small for social media analytics.

This feature analysis is based on the information found on the companies’ websites:

Find out more about Google Analytics integration on Google Analytics’ website.