Integrating Google Analytics with Content Management

Mark  Ryan

May 15, 2009

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Over the years we have written several applications that integrate with Google components through open APIs. We’ve used Google maps to show office locations, Google CSE for internal search engines, and even Google Charts to show graphs. Last month, my favorite Google API was launched.

Google Analytics announced an API to their popular analytics service.

The first implementation we are working on ties Google Analytics into a content management system that we are deploying for a client. For many organizations, the CMS is used daily to make updates to the site while the analytics are viewed less frequently. This gives all CMS users the ability to analyze the page(s) they are working.

CMS users will have the ability to know valuable information about the content they are editing, such as:

  1. how people get to the page they are working on (entrance, visitors, page views)
  2. and how many leave after viewing it (bounce, abandonment)
  3. are people reading this page (time on page)
  4. if the copy they are spending so much time on only gets viewed by 1% of the site audience

Content owners / marketers that are aware of this data will improve overall site performance by being aware of how specific pages impact site goals.

I’m excited about our first implementation of this new, simple channel for getting analytics data in the hands of the web team.

For more information, check out the Google Analytics Developer Docs.