Insurance Providers can Reassure Customers through Personalized Content

Joey Fung  

November 19, 2010

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Xerox released a study this week detailing the confusion people have when choosing health insurance benefits. All the available options translate to only 14% of those surveyed feeling the communications they receive from their insurance provider is easy to understand.

Xerox Study Results

One of the biggest concerns people have is how healthcare reform will affect their individual policy. With so many unique policies, how they’re affected by reform or how they affect claims handling differs from individual to individual. With personalized benefits, insurance companies need personalized communications to help their clients understand how they’re affected and build the trust required for consumer loyalty. This lack of communication means customers resort to the undesirable experience of phoning their provider for more information.

Providers need to leverage other communication channels to tailor the specific information to what each policyholder needs at a particular time. Nobody wants to wait on hold, so customized landing pages, personalized emails, alerts, and even tweets specific to individuals, their policies, and the industry landscape can reassure customers and boost retention. Insurance isn’t just a financial backup – it’s peace of mind, but that message isn’t delivered when customers have to search for it.