Information Architecture updated to 3.0

Elton Billings  

November 30, 2006

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Peter Morville has written an interesting column in response to the ongoing debate on the future of information architecture. He outlines the differences between the discipline of information architecture and the role of information architect. He also points out a third aspect, the information architecture community.

He also explains some of the growing pains currently faced by IA, and offers a wish for the future:

Over the past decade, information architecture has matured as a role, discipline, and community. Inevitably, we’ve traded some of that newborn sparkle for institutional stability and a substantive body of knowledge. It’s for this reason that some of the pioneers feel restless. And, while I applaud their courage and entrepreneurial zeal, as they step beyond the role and the discipline, I hope (for their sake and ours) that they stay connected to the information architecture community.

I think the column is well reasoned, and makes a good case for a clear definition of IA, but with the understanding that many with the title of “Information Architect” will often find themselves touching on other related disciplines.