IE 7 in public beta

Christian Crumlish  

January 31, 2006

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Todd tells us that Microsoft released the public beta of Internet Explorer 7 today, and he sent us the Beta 2 developer checklist, including these items (among others):

  • Verify your User Agent string detection detects Internet Explorer 7.
  • Check your website for the use of CSS hacks that may have been turned off in Internet Explorer 7
  • Verify that transparent images on your website are rendered correctly
  • Verify that your website hasn’t been adversely affected by Internet Explorer 7 Security changes.
  • Verify that your website doesn’t get flagged as a Suspicious or Known Phishing site per Microsoft’s Anti-Phishing White Paper.
  • If you would like to add/implement access to your site’s search provider, implement the window.external.AddSearchProvider(URL) call in your webpage to prompt the end user (see the Internet Explorer blog).
  • Utilize the Internet Explorer 7 Developer Toolbar to explore the DOM tree and find elements on the page, disable Internet Explorer settings, view information, outline elements, control images, view the toolbar, resize pages to common screen resolutions, and have a powerful ruler that lets you measure pixel perfect content on your page. It also will help you to validate against existing standards and provides pointers to W3C specs.