Google Analytics Tracking Social – How does the story end?

Mark  Ryan

July 04, 2011

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In the latest Beta release of Google Analytics, there are new reports that show click activity on integrated social links such as Facebook "Likes", bookmarks, Twitter Tweets, and Google +1 clicks.  This is useful information that was previously reported with the use of the trackPageview function.

Google Plus, Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet

The Good: This report enables web analyst to be more cognizant of how socially engaged visitors compare to non-socially engaged visitors.  This has great potential for lead scoring and improving overall conversion rates.  For the last 2 years, companies have been finding that loyal social users convert to customers at higher ratios and are more likely to be a source of repeat business for B2C and B2B sites.

The Bad:  What happens next?  How does the story end?  If we have visitors that are clicking "like" on our content, I want to see what is then happening with that wall post on Facebook.  If someone is "like"ing our content, then they are likely part of our Facebook group.  Are they active in that group?  Did their "like" drive more traffic from their Facebook friends.  Did those Facebook friends convert?  The current Google Analytics reporting on social is far behind competitors in that it does not connect with the other social sites to get a more comprehensive picture of what is happening.

Overall, I 'm happy that GA is moving in this direction.  I am very optimistic that future versions of GA will pull data from other sources such as the Facebook API.