FREE Search Engine Optimization Tools

Rob W  

September 23, 2008

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I am cheap. No, I am not trying to ask my boss indirectly for a raise (although with gas prices and my long commute I wouldn’t mind one). It's just that I have just been using the Internet since Al Gore invented it (jk), and I am accustomed to getting cool services for free on the Internet – news, language translation tools, playing in a fantasy league,etc. I have even found some great FREE search engine optimization tools (that can be used as plug-ins with Firefox) that I would highly recommend:

The tools above capture and display a lot of valuable information that you will need when optimizing your website for search engines – Google Page Rank, backlinks, internal/external links, Alexa ranking, cached site pages, IP address, whois info, robots file, sitemap, compete rank, keyword density, etc.

The SEO Quake and Search Status tools can be used when viewing a particular website while SEO Book shows much of the same vital SEO information from search engine results pages. Happy optimizing!