Extractable Sponsors the Forrester CX Forum West

Sonya Moré  

November 20, 2012

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The Extractable team just returned from the exciting Forrester Customer Experience Forum in L.A. where we met and shared stories with many attendees. Conversations were centered around the customer scenarios and challenges that many companies are facing today. As one attendee stated, ”while a very important part of managing customer experience is understanding our customers, it’s really only half the battle.”

We found that many companies are working to improve the experiences for customers, but they are lacking in the tools and processes needed to do this consistently and rigorously. We also found that many companies are banking on analytics that may prove to be misleading.

What was most exciting about the conference was the passion shared by the attendees for improved CX and one thing became clear:  In a customer-led universe, many companies are currently fighting to play catch-up. Now, more than ever, digital marketers need to shift the paradigm and rethink their digital strategy and approach. The future of their brands may depend on it.

Extractable Booth - Forrester CX Forum West 2012