Extractable in Forrester’s 2014 Interactive Design Agency Overview

Sonya Moré  

May 28, 2014

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We are thrilled to be included in Forrester's "Interactive Design Agency Overview, 2014" report by Senior Analyst Jonathan Browne.

The report is designed to help clients find the right agency to assist them with their interactive design projects. To be included, Forrester asked Extractable about our skills, industry experience, and geographical footprint. The report is a summary of their findings and is designed to help customer experience professionals select the right agency to support their digital customer experience improvement initiatives.

With the fast-changing digital landscape, we feel it's important for marketers to stay current with the fast-changing ecosystem of agencies. Especially, if you are looking for a digital agency with core services around user-centered, data-driven design.  Companies should not assume that partners who led their industry last year are still in the lead.

Key Takeaways:

Interactive Design Agencies Are Critical Partners:

Interactive touchpoints are core elements of virtually any firm's customer experience ecosystem today. That's why it's crucial for customer experience professionals and stakeholders throughout the business to identify and hire the right agencies to support the design and development of these touchpoints.

Keep An Ongoing Review Of Your Agency's Evolving Capabilities
CX professionals should conduct periodic reviews with their agency partners to ensure that the agency's development road map will keep pace with the changing needs and expectations of the company's customers. Companies should occasionally "test drive" new vendors on ad hoc projects to see if they deserve a place on the firm's agency roster.

The report, “Forrester's 2014 Interactive Design Agency Overview” is available for a fee from Forrester.