Did I miss Economics class in School?

Rob W  

June 30, 2008

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The other day I was reading about more negative news on the US economy when Jay Leno came on TV and began to ask people on the streets of Los Angeles (mostly young adults) basic financial/budgeting questions. Obviously, it was funny (yet shocking) how little some of the people he talked to knew about basic financial concepts.

More and more leading financial institutions are recognizing the importance of educating their members of the different financial products and/or services that are available to them. Why wait until a customer asks if you offer a 401K instead of educating the value of retirement services to them up front? I took a look at some of the leading financial websites (and some smaller ones) and its evident that many financial institutions are realizing the importance of actively educating their members on financial related topics. 

Here are some websites that caught my eye (and actually increased my financial knowledge along the way):

Financial Education:

  • CEFCU – The site has some great financial calculators, tools and articles.
  • UFCU – Educational material for students, home buyers, vehicle purchasers, etc.
  • Visa Practical Money Skills – Financial literacy information targeted by user segments: School, Home and Work. The site has strong content with a personable voice and a nice range of features.
  • Schwab Money & More – Site has various financial calculators, articles and a glossary.

Financial products/services based on life events (mostly targeting Generation Y):