Designing the Design Process: Part 2 of 2

Tara Loosvelt  

November 30, 2011

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Before Thanksgiving, I wrote about finding meaning in projects as the first in this two-part series on how to work out a better strategy around the design process. The second part around this is editing, something I observed from attending “Design Meets Business,” a lecture by design leaders at Nokia.

Strategic editing will maintain the integrity of creating a seamless integrated experience from inside large organizations whom themselves operate within complex business ecosystems.

The speakers at this lecture emphasized editing work in one location through the design process and used a table as a metaphor to covey the concept. We design things on our table, develop things on our table, test things, and use final products on tables. Had you ever noticed that not more than two of these things ever really happen on the same table! Why not?

One good reason is that most digital experiences are very complex. In most organizations, one person will not be doing everything (code, manage projects, solve problems through interface design, etc).

At "Design Meets Business" they proposed that the designers have knowledge around other aspects involved in producing objects or experiences even if they will never actually be doing it. I believe there is another solution as well and that is team collaboration. I am fortunate at Extractable where all the tables share the same building and folks from all backgrounds collaborate in most meetings together!

*Photo credited to Jeremiah Shaw via Pinterest.