Control your Personal Brand with Google Profiles

Joey Fung  

March 03, 2011

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We’ve all Googled ourselves, friends, business associates, but we don’t always like what we see. Today Google redesigned Google Profiles – the area where Gmail users showcase pictures and information about themselves. It’s become more Facebook-like in its layout, making it familiar and easy to update for many of its users who have not contributed information to their profiles.

When profiles are set to be visible, they will likely appear near the top of Google search results, giving that extra bit of control over what visitors see about you. While not everyone wants to have their information out on the web, “any news is good news” doesn’t ring true across the web, and being able to control the information in the top results can have a big impact on one’s personal brand. Making that first impression can cast the right light onto other results visitors may come across, and gives yet another chance to own the first page of results.

Google’s post reveals that profiles are currently only for individuals, but they’re continuing work on ways businesses can engage with their audiences.