Content Strategy and Messaging for B2B Technology Audiences: Technology Experts vs. Decision Makers

Jill  Vanoncini

January 09, 2015

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In our last post on B2B technology audiences, we discussed the motivations and information preferences of technology experts and key decision makers. Today's post shows how you can appeal to these two very different audiences on the same site.

Lead with business benefits, follow up with proof points

On pages that need to appeal to both decision makers and technology experts, one strategy is to start off with the broader business benefits. That gets decision makers' attention right away, and even highly technical users recognize that technology is a means to an end.

This solutions page from our client, Keynote Systems, is a great example of how to do this well.

keynote screenshot

The first sentence clearly expresses the business benefit of their load testing products. This message also resonates on a more personal level with both decision makers and technology experts, because their professional reputations are on the line and they need a solution they can trust.

The next few sentences of the overview paragraph explain how Keynote load testing solutions model real user interaction, ensuring accuracy. This explanation is high-level enough that it's easy for a non-technical user to understand, but detailed enough that a more technical user can see how Keynote is different.

The last sentence of the overview brings the focus back on the business, showing how Keynote solutions help users make better purchasing decisions.

As the user moves down the page, Keynote reveals more details about how their load testing solutions work. Each section includes the technical proof points that a performance measurement expert is looking for, but features are presented in terms of business benefits, which keeps decision makers interested.

Make technical specifications easily accessible

Technology experts visiting your site may already be familiar with what your products do and how they work-they're looking for detailed technical specifications rather than an overview.

This product page from our client, Imperva, shows one way to meet technology experts' needs without alienating decision makers.

The Specifications tab at the top of the page gives technical users quick access to information like supported database platforms and deployment modes. They can easily skip the video that explains why database security is important, as well as the high-level business benefits, like streamlining compliance, that are targeted toward the less technical decision makers.


Show off your technical expertise in specific channels

For Imperva, the knowledge gap between decision makers and technology experts is extreme. While security technology experts understand the need for data center security, a less technical decision maker may have no idea what Imperva products do or how dramatically they differ from other types of security solutions.

As a result, Imperva's product pages need to educate decision makers on the basics of data center security and how it offers an important layer of protection. But, Imperva understands that they need to demonstrate that they are skilled and insightful to technology experts, and their blog is the perfect place to do that.

In addition to shorter posts on how to address new threats and vulnerabilities, Imperva uses their blog to share findings from the Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC), which researches security issues through lab work and hands-on testing in real world environments.

This level of technical detail would be too much for most decision makers, but it's the technologist's point of view that positions Imperva as a trusted thought leader in data center security.