CFCU Launches Redesign Website

Rob W  

February 06, 2009

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Congratulations to Campus Federal Credit Union (CFCU) based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the new website launch!

During the website redesign, Extractable worked with CFCU to make sure the new web experience on the CFCU website was as professional as larger financial institutions in the areas but also directly addressed the students, faculty and affiliates associated with Louisiana State University (LSU) that make up a large percentage of their member base. The website was designed for ease of use and to enable members to have a positive online banking experience.

Before the website was launched, benchmark figures were calculated in order to show a positive ROI on the project over the next several years. Figures and base costs originating from the website were calculated for the member call center, average products/services per member and on the total membership of the credit union.

If you live in Louisiana or are affiliated with LSU please consider using CFCU as your primary financial institution because sometimes the “perfect bank for you, isn’t a bank at all”.