Agency Taxonomy – What Animal Are You?

Sonya Moré  

June 20, 2013

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Lots of us have worked at advertising agencies for many years. After a while, we start to see similarities in those we work with that can't be denied. A colleague and I were having fun with this thought and were wondering how these characters would shake out if they were part of the animal kingdom. Here's the outcome. Let me know if you agree or have any additions…

CEO -> Lion, King of the Jungle
A symbol of power, courage and nobility. They refuse to allow any subjective emotion to enter into their decision-making process. Often seen stalking the agency.

Extractable Lion

Chief Financial Officer-> Shark
Predators with a purpose, ruthless when necessary. With skeletons that are made of cartilage rather than bones, these hustlers must keep moving in order to stay afloat. They enjoy being top of the food chain and are mandatory for the well being of the ecosystem.

Extractable Shark

Chief Creative Officer -> Peacock
Noted for it’s extravagant eye-spotted tail feathers and need for flare. Demands that only one peacock can reside within the group setting. Can often be seen prancing off to client pitches.

Extractable Peacock

Account Director -> Meerkat
Gregarious and social, they’re known for bringing teams together and facilitating communication. These crafty critters are very territorial and they will defend to the end.  Be warned: You never know where their head might pop up next.

Extractable Meerkat

Biz Dev -> Raccoon
Adaptable and dexterous, these bandits will raid anything if it helps them reach their numbers. A reputation of being bold and curious, they mostly forage at night. Watch your back.

Extractable Raccoon

User Experience -> Honey Bee

These civic-minded workers strive to improve EVERYTHING - no project is ever done. They value organization, rules and practicality. Like others, honey bees behave defensively when intruders are near, guarding the entrance to their nests.

Extractable Honeybee

Marketing -> Fox
Energetic, and fun, these cunning, spontaneous types are the life of the party. Adept at influence and manipulation, they'll have you under their spell before you know what hit you. Often heard yipping to get what they want.

Extractable fox

Strategist -> Owl
Quiet and thoughtful, they prefer to work alone. Frequently impatient, it's hard to gain their respect but once you do, the loyalty is lasting. With razor sharp wit and claws, you'll want to have them on your side. (Trust me!)

Extractable Owl

Chief Analytics Officer -> Cat
These rogue creatures are lost in their own thought and love to "figure it out."  But beware these explorers can easily become bored with routine. Keep your eyes on 'em! Without warning, or fear of self-deprecation, these individuals can become wily and inappropriate in any setting.

Extractable Cat

Project Management -> Beaver
Always busy, known for their trait of building and organization. These workers have a reputation for being dedicated and getting the job done, but can lack attention to the needs of others. If problems arise, they may dive underwater and not reemerge for some time.

Extractable Beaver